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About Patshala.com

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About 5 lakh visitors per month.

Most visited website for entrance exams in India.

What is Patshala?

Patshala.com is an educational website with tutorials, practice tests and references for students and professionals to prepare for various certification and entrance exams.

The site derives its name from “Pathshala” which is a Hindi language word for school.

Patshala.com was originally created in the year 2008, by a software engineer, to help his fellow software engineers prepare and practice on mock tests for ISTQB certification exam. The website became an instant hit with large number of visitors from across the globe. Later, professionals and experts from different streams in education were brought together and the website was further developed to include many other courses. Large number of students and professionals visit the website for exam preparation and Patshala.com has become a trusted name in the field of online education for entrance and certification exams.

Easy Learning

Patshala.com focuses on straight-forward learning , simplicity and easy practicing.

We work hard to keep the explanations simple and easy to understand.

You can help

Many people are working to make Patshala.com interesting, intuitive, useful and correct.

If you come across an error or broken link please tell us about it.

We can be reached by email provided in the Contact Us section.

Contact Us

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